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Officials from Ministry of Public Security Visited QBPC Office

Create Time:2020-09-29

Ministry of Public Security Food and Drug Crime Investigation Department Visits QBPC

by Andrei Yang

On September 17, Ministry of Public Security Food and Drug Crime Investigation Department Director General Lyu Wuqin and Deputy Director General Li Jiantao visited QBPC. QBPC Chair Michael Ding, Vice Chairs Qu Xiaoyang and Lei Lingfei welcomed the guests. The two sides exchanged views on priority IP issues and challenges, and how Chinese economy could make a transition into a new phase.

Michael Ding first introduced recent work of QBPC. It had been twenty years since QBPC’s founding. From the initial focus on anti-counterfeiting, QBPC had grown into an IP platform covering all IP related subjects and had found its own way to improve the legal framework of IP protection in China.

Director Wang Fei then introduced the fruitful results of “Operation Kunlun 2020”. The Operation had been highly acclaimed among QBPC members. Since the beginning, local law enforcement agencies had been on high gear and spared no effort in tackling IP infringements. Many major cases involving QBPC members’ products were successfully concluded. Even the pandemic had not slowed the officers down.

The participants also discussed issues of importance to both sides, such as IPR enforcement, trade secret protection through Criminal Law and challenges posed by new technologies and new business models. Both sides wished to deepen cooperation and continue to improve foreign enterprises’ confidence in Chinese market.

Director General Lyu Wuqin stated that striking against infringements and counterfeits was an integral part of law enforcement agencies’ duties and was significant in protecting people’s health and creating a business environment that was both fair and competitive. Last year, the Ministry of Public Security formed the Food and Drug Crime Investigation Department. The very purpose was to build a team focusing on IP related crimes and to strike them with a concentrated punch. Law enforcement agencies across the nation would treat all enterprises, domestic or foreign, equally. Polices would continue their operations like Kunlun and would work more closely with QBPC and its members to further improve IPR protection capabilities.