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Printing IWG Visits Guangzhou Huangpu Customs

Create Time:2021-11-24

On October 26, Printing Industry Working Group (IWG) of Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC) visited Guangzhou Huangpu Customs. Three representatives from IWG member companies, Canon, HP and Epson, attended the event. Due to the sudden breakout of the epidemic, two representatives from Canon and HP were unable to enter the site after their arrival in Guangzhou. As a result, they ended up attending the meeting online.


Shawna Xie, Printing IWG coordinator, organized the exchange meeting with customs. During the meeting, representatives of the group member companies introduced their companies to the customs officers and discussed with them over the customs issues they encountered in their daily work, including the disposal of seized infringing products, the leads provided by rights holders, customs control, and e-commerce exports.


Through this meeting, the two sides discussed common problems of printing industry and future cooperation, which will enable the Printing IWG and customs officers to handle customs cases in the industry more efficiently in the future.