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About QBPC

To Know QBPC : Bridge & Ties


QBPC Mission

To make contributions to facilitate and promote the continuous improvements of administrative and judicial protection for intellectual property in China; to enable the judiciary in order to better serve as a guide for predictable and consistent judicial protection for intellectual property; to perfect the legal framework; to construct a fair and orderly environment based on the rule of law for economic growth; and to foster an open innovative environment for the development of science and technology through strengthening cooperation with China’s central and local governments, relevant agencies, institutions, academia, media, enterprises, and the international community.


In March of 2000, Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment ( referred to as QBPC ) was founded and is now comprised of 207 foreign invested companies, whose parents are  headquartered in America, Europe, Asia and Oceania respectively. During recent years, some domestic companies also attented QBPC activities as observers.  QBPC is an industry group that is run by a group of volunteers and supported by the professional staff with the single objective of improving China’s commercial rule of law and intellectual property protection based on the approach of cooperation with the Chinese government and all stakeholders.  


Since its foundation, QBPC has been actively hosting and co-organizing various seminars, forums, and training workshops, providing opinions and suggestions regarding amendment to the IPR laws and regulations to the legislative bodies such as the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, as well as judiciary and law enforcement agencies. By doing so, QBPC is promoting public education on IPR, and proactively building a platform for exchanges between China and the international community. With the relentless efforts of all member companies, Service Team members and the office staff as well as the healthy development throughout the past 20 years, QBPC has built up a good reputation and credibility within China and the international community. QBPC has evolved itself into an effective bridge and link not only among the Chinese governments, judiciary, law enforcement agencies and member companies but also among  international organizations, Chinese and foreign judiciaries and law enforcement agencies, domestic and foreign enterprises, academia and media in terms of IPR communication and collaboration.


To be Familiar with QBPC: A Professional Team


The QBPC has six committees to carry out the organization’s activities, namely, Best  Practices/Enforcement, Customs, Government Affairs and Public Policy, Legal, Membership Services and Patent and Innovation. QBPC has set up 17 Industry Working Groups (IWGs), responsible for the study of IPR protection issues in specific industries concerning member companies. The IWGs include Agricultural, Artificial Intelligence & Digital,Automotive, Automation & Electric, Food Beverage & Alcohol, Home Appliances, IT, Lighting, Luxury Goods, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices, Sports, Fashion & Life Style, Toys & Licensed Goods, Wireless & Integrated Circuit, Chemical, Printing and Diversified. In addition, five Task Forces were established as brain trusts for member companies on concerned IPR issues. The Task Forces cover issues of Trade Secret, Internet Sale of Infringing Goods and Internet Copyright Protection, Transparency of Criminal Public Prosecution Procedures for IP Cases, Article 60 of the New Trademark Law, and Trademark Infringement in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).


For many years, QBPC has given full play to its professional skills, and has made contributions in boosting the sound development of China’s intellectual property protection by offering suggestions:


In 2009, QBPC and Huawei Group jointly raised their concern over the risks to R&D enterprises in China if the article on service invention reward under the draft amendment of the Implementation Rules of the Patent Law was passed. The report submitted by QBPC gained attention from the Ministry of Commerce, Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, and State Intellectual Property Office, and a last minute important and reasonable modification was applied to the last version of the amendment.


The Trademark Law went effective on May 1, 2014. In the third amendment of Trademark Law, QBPC made comments on all drafts from the State Administration for Industry & Commerce, the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council and the National People's Congress. Some views of QBPC were then adopted.


In August 2015, Article 2 of the Law on Promoting the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements issued by the National People's Congress adopted the views of QBPC, defining concepts such as scientific and technological achievements, etc. QBPC has always been concerned about the trademark infringement in OEM, and has actively expressed its views and provided its suggestions to enforcement and judicial authorities such as the Supreme People’s Court, General Administration of Customs, the Trademark Office of the State Administration For Industry & Commerce, etc.


The Electronic Commerce Law of the People’s Republic of China (referred to as E Commerce Law) has always been a key priority of QBPC. In 2017, QBPC submitted written comments and suggestions to the Financial and Economic Commission and Legislative Affairs Commission of National People’s Congress three times and even communicated with the E-Commerce Law drafting team.


The election of QBPC Annual Top Ten Cases in IP Protection and Model Cases Bridging Administrative and Judicial Enforcement is an important event for both QBPC and the IPR industry. The sawarded case in the past years have the inflence within the international IP community. Some caes were selected as the county-wide or local annual cases; some were selected by the Ministry of Commerce as typical documents introducing to the world about China's progress on the protection of intellectual properrty rights; some were also reported to relevant state leaders for reference. The QBPC Annual Top Ten Cases Announcement & Exchange Meeting is very welcomed by QBPC members. QBPC Annual Top Ten Cases are highly recognized by relevant ministries, judicial organs and local law enforcement departments. Many of the cases became the benchmark for QBPC members. It aims to help QBPC members improve the quality of handling cases, provide reference for the legal system reform of intellectual property.


The professionalism and dedication of QBPC has been supported and recognized by the society. Madam   Wu Yi, then Vice Premier of the State Council of P.R. China, spoke highly of QBPC as her “capable     assistant”. In November 2011, Mr. Wang Qishan, then Vice Premier of the State Council, graciously received the representative of QBPC during the 5th Session of the CAEFI Congress. The Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG) has awarded QBPC twice for its outstanding achievements.


To Work with QBPC: A Reliable Partner

As the only non-profit and member-driven industry organization focusing on improving the IPR legal framework and enforcement, QBPC leverages the professionalism and dedication of service team members to provide service to members companies.


As a member of QBPC, you will no longer be alone in the fight against IPR infringement.


As a member of QBPC, you can share with other members the expertise and experience in IPR creation, application, management and protection to build up the capacity. 


As a member of QBPC, you can intensify communication and cooperation with IPR enforcement and judicial authorities at all levels via the effective communication platform established by QBPC.


As a member of QBPC, you can have timely access to the latest information regarding China’s intellectual property rights legal construction, judicial decision and academic research, understand the status and trend of infringement and be informed of relevant action by the government.


QBPC Membership Service Journey provides the members with the chance to learn from each other and the platform of communication in the forms of company open day, salons, exchange meetings, sports games, etc.


To better serve members, the QBPC set up its own office in 2007 which now has 6 staff members. The QBPC Office provides support and service to the QBPC Steering Council, Working Committees, IWGs and member companies.