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Joint Lunch Meeting of QBPC Home Appliance IWG and Wireless & Integrated Circuit IWG

Create Time:2023-12-22

On December 7, 2023, QBPC Wireless & Integrated Circuit IWG and Home Appliance IWG held a joint IWG lunch meeting in Shanghai. The meeting was chaired by Ping Wang from Dyson and Amanda Wu from Apple. Coordinators of both IWGs and representatives from Philips, Siemens, LG, Brita, Honeywell and Media joined the lunch meeting. Mr. Quan Lv from Redbook has also been invited to join the meeting. 


The participants first discussed criminal procedures on refurbished machines. In some cases, refurbished machines composed of genuine and counterfeit components were regarded as legal refurbished machines instead of counterfeits by prosecutor offices while rightholders believed that the machines containing counterfeit parts should be deemed as counterfeit as well. Amanda WU from Apple and Peggy Shao from Honeywell shared cases relevant to refurbished machines and issues they had encountered in some areas. The participants proposed that relevant IWGs including Home Appliance IWG, Wireless & Integrated Circuit IWG and Automation & Electric IWG initiate the communication with relevant law-enforce authorities for support.


The participants also discussed newly-emerging IP issues in cross-border e-commerce. With the development of cross-border e-commerce, the export of counterfeit products was conducted via post channel, which posed a challenge to Customs and brand owners. They also discussed criminal procedure on inferior products and shared the cases and issues regarding verification and compulsory standard in practice. In the end, Mr. Quan Lv exchanged his ideas with the participants over IP protection on Redbook.