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Exchange Meeting with the Shenzhen Administration for Market Regulation

Create Time:2024-03-29

On March 20, the Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC) held an exchange meeting with the Shenzhen Administration for Market Regulation (Shenzhen AMR) to discuss administrative protection of intellectual property (IP) in Shenzhen. The seminar was attended by 45 people, including Shenzhen AMR officials and QBPC members, and was moderated by Joann Chan, Government Affairs and Public Policy Committee (GAPPC) Vice Chair.

First, Kelvin Liu, QBPC Vice Chair, reviewed the cooperation between the two sides over the years and looked forward to the future development and cooperation in administrative protection of IP under new circumstances. According to Mo Lvbin, Director of the IP Protection Division of Shenzhen AMR, Shenzhen places a high value on IP protection over foreign-invested companies, adheres to the principle of strict protection, and strives to build a first-class business environment that is marketized, legalized, and internationalized in order to create favorable conditions for foreign-invested companies to take root and develop in Shenzhen.

Mo Lvbin

Joann ChanKelvin LiuZhan HU

Officials from the IP Protection Division, Shenzhen IP Protection Center, Fair Competition Supervision Division (under preparation), and Municipal Enterprise Registration Bureau briefed on their work in administrative protection of IP, rapid authorization and right protection, IP dispute mediation, trade secret protection, and enterprise name approval, etc.

Best Practices and Enforcement Committee Chair Peter Yang, together with representatives from the Luxury Goods IWG and Toys & Licensed Goods IWG, shared their achievements in brand protection. Participants engaged in detailed discussions and exchanges on issues such as online and offline enforcement, trade secret protection, copyright protection, the use of well-known registered trademarks as business names, and IP protection at exhibitions. In conclusion, GAPPC Chair Zhan HU thanked relevant departments of IP protection in Shenzhen for their support and anticipating that the exchange meeting would lay the groundwork for future collaboration between the two sides.