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The Customs launched the "Operation Dragon Rising 2021 " special action on intellectual property protection

Create Time:2021-03-30

The "Operation Dragon Rising 2021" special action on intellectual property protection aims to identify new methods and channels of infringement and carry out targeted attacks. 

During the special action period, the customs continued to strengthen the supervision of infringing goods exported to North America, Europe, South America, Africa and countries and regions along the “the Belt and Road Initiatives“. Relevant officials from the GACC said that during the special operation, customs will strengthen coordination and strengthen protection of the whole chain. Local customs have strengthened cooperation, explored innovative work models such as joint training, joint research and judgment, and joint law enforcement, so as to form joint force in law enforcement, and at the same time strengthened information resource sharing with relevant departments.

The customs will also urge enterprises to standardize acceptance, delivery and inspection, and prevent infringement from the collection link. In addition, it has worked with relevant departments to jointly punish trust-breaking and law-breaking enterprises in accordance with the law, and given full play to the role of industry associations, chambers of commerce for importers and exporters, and rights holders' rights protection alliances to strengthen social co-governance in IPR protection.