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Online Exchange meeting with Shenzhen Customs

Create Time:2020-05-08

Considering the outbreak of COVID-19, Customs Committee of Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment( referred to as “QBPC”) has actively discussed and explored new ways of customs exchanges and trainings with local customs. Recently, Customs Committee held an online visit to Shenzhen Customs. Attendees from Shenzhen Customs include: Deputy Director Hua Chen, Section Chief Jian Li, section member Man Luo and Xianjie Wu, while attendees from QBPC Customs Committee include: QBPC Vice Chair Steven Wang, Customs Committee Chair Ying Ji, Customs Committee Vice chair Jerry Yang, Wendy Lin, and Ken Chen.

Director Chen started by summarizing the 2019 work of Shenzhen Customs “In 2019, Shenzhen Customs strengthened guidance and training of customs officials and improved the inspection and seizure mechanism, as well as strengthened the effectiveness of risk analysis system. In addition, we also strengthened combating infringing products through mail and delivery channels, continued to enhance patent protection, strengthened communication and exchange with right owners. Shenzhen Customs also payed more attention to further cooperate with other customs, strengthen cooperation with courts, procuratorates, and Public Security Bureaus (“PSB”), and strengthen publicity and public awareness raising.”

Shenzhen Customs officials also introduced that “ This year, we will continue to carry out special campaigns to maintain intensive protection to Intellectual Property Rights (“IPRs”); Exchange information and carry out joint enforcement actions and communication with other Customs in Guangdong province and the local enforcement authorities. We will also keep on strengthening public awareness raising.

Subsequently, representatives of QBPC gave a brief introduction about QBPC, and suggested to have a two-way exchange and information sharing mode between Shenzhen Customs and QBPC members, to strengthen the protection of patents, to find a way to trace back the origin of counterfeits through proactive information exchange especially regarding counterfeits seized outside China. Representatives of QBPC also advised that Shenzhen Customs and QBPC conduct more in-depth communication by holding online trainings/workshops, conducting case sharing seminars or holding joint seminar with administrative enforcement authorities and the PSBs.

Shenzhen Customs responded that “We are willing to continue to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with the QBPC through online trainings, exchange seminars etc. to further strengthen the protection to IPRs.”