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Online meeting with JD.COM about Test Purchase Program

Create Time:2020-07-27

QBPC and JD Discuss the Test Purchase Program

by Xavier Xia


On July 23, QBPC held online exchange with JD.Com Inc. (“JD”) brand protection department and security investigation department to discuss JD’s test purchase program. 60 QBPC member representatives participated in the exchange.


The meeting was hosted by Best Practices/Enforcement Committee Vice Chair Kelvin Liu (Qualcomm). Wu Di from JD brand protection department told the attendees that the program showed JD’s zero tolerance towards counterfeits. By working with right holders, JD could use the program to clean up the platform in a significant way. Through self-designed risk model, JD could identify the high-risk product, purchase it, send it to the right holder for authentication and then decide next move with the right holder based on the result. For those members who wanted to participate in the program, Wu Di explained the requirements.


Then JD representatives answered the questions from Unilever, ABRO, Dyson, Novartis, Philip Morris and Roche. These questions focused on how JD would help right holders fight infringements offline, what measures JD had taken to improve the success rate of the test purchase program and how the program would work in practice. To these questions, JD gave detailed answers. ABRO, which had already participated in the program, shared their experience and praised JD’s efforts.