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Online meeting with JD.COM about Test Purchase Program

Create Time:2020-07-27

Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (“QBPC”) held an online meeting with Brand Protection Department and Department of Security Investigations of JD.COM on July 23. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the "Test Purchase Program" carried out by JD.COM. 60 representatives of QBPC members participated in the meeting.


The meeting was hosted by Kelvin Liu (Qualcomm), Vice Chair of the QBPC Best Practices /Enforcement Committee, who gave the opening remarks. WU Di (Brand Protection Department of JD.COM) introduced the program to participants. “This program is a demonstration of JD’s zero tolerance attitude towards counterfeits and an effective collaboration with the right holders on deterring  the counterfeit merchants” WU Di said, “This program can strongly clean up the platform. The JD.COM locates high-risk products through its self-developed risk-capture system for purchase, which will be notarized, and then submits the product to the right holders for appraisal, and eventually decides what to do with the target merchant with the rights holder based on the appraisal results.” Wu Di introduced the program to participants from several other aspects as well, especially the documents that right holders who are interested in participating need to prepare.


Next, representatives of JD.COM interacted with the attendees and answered common concerns of the QBPC members. Representatives from Unilever, ABRO, Dyson, Roche, Novartis and Philip Morris had all eagerly raised issues. These questions focused on how JD.COM team could assist rights holders with offline strikes against infringers, what measures the JD.COM could take to increase the success rate of the test purchases, and how complete the project in practice. Wu Di and his colleagues Wang Jiateng, Ji Sicheng and Shan Yixuan answered these questions in detail. In addition, representative of ABRO who had already joined the program shared their experience and highly praised the Test Purchase Program.


Kelvin Liu summarized that a clear understanding of this program from QBPC members, would  make a good foundation for cooperation between two sides. Wu Di agreed that JD.COM was looking forward to cooperating with members of QBPC to achieve a win-win goal of both maintaining a good business environment and protecting the legal rights of the right holders.