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First Secretary of EU Delegation Visits QBPC

Create Time:2021-02-18

On February 3, Hélène Juramy, First Secretary of European Union Delegation Trade Section visited QBPC Office. QBPC Chair Michael Ding and Office Head Sherry Hu hosted the guest. The two sides discussed hot IP issues as well as opportunities for more collaboration in 2021.

Michael Ding gave an overview of the four dimensions of QBPC’s work plan in 2021. With numerous laws and judicial interpretations passed in 2020, QBPC would keep a close eye on their implementation and impacts on IP protection in China, and make constructive suggestions to the law enforcement authorities accordingly. On that note, engagement with central and local enforcement agencies would continue. The agenda also included capacity building and exchanges on persistent issues, such as trade dress infringement and bad-faith trademark registration. Industry working group activities had been a key feature of QBPC. In 2021, IWGs would headline QBPC’s efforts to tackle industry common problems, turning sporadic operations into a concentrated force. On the global stage, QBPC would work with organizations such as INTA, A-CAPP Center, and React, etc, to continue improving influence and visibility beyond the border and project our experience of IP protection in China to neighboring countries.

Hélène Juramy stated that the agreement in principle on the investment treaty had set the stage for constructive dialogue. The agreement on geographical indications would come into force in March as well, which would bring 200 indications under its protection immediately, and another 350 in four years. European IP owners were also keen to see the laws and regulations passed last year implemented. There were considerable interests in learning how the new systems put in place by new legislations, such as patent linkage, would work. As IP concerns of European business remained strong, good cooperation in 2021 was all the more important.

The two sides also exchanged views on trade secret legislation, service trademark protection and patent filing related statistics.