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QBPC Delegation Visits Ningbo Customs

Create Time:2022-07-27

On the morning of July 21, Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC) Best Practices/Enforcement Committee (BPEC) Vice Chair Hongkai Zhang and the representative of Victoria’s Secret &Co. visited the Ningbo Customs and presented the QBPC 2021-2022 Annual Top Ten Cases Appreciation Plaque. Zhao Xiaotian, Chief of Intellectual Property Section of Ningbo Customs, warmly received the delegation.


Ningbo Customs and the QBPC had maintained good communication and regularly held exchange meetings. Zhao Xiaotian is  an old friend of QBPC who has overseen long-term cooperation between the two sides. He introduced some of the measures taken by the Customs in the new situation of the epidemic, and put forward many practical suggestions on how to communicate and cooperate with right holders, and discussed with the QBPC representatives on Customs inspection, transfer of criminal cases, and storage and destruction in the context of practical cases. In addition, he also gave targeted suggestions based on practice.


Afterwards, BPEC Vice Chair Hongkai Zhang briefed on the organizational structure of the QBPC and its role as a bridge to introduce China's IPR protection work to the international IPR community. He also mentioned the recent activities of the QBPC, especially the 2021-2022 Annual Top Ten Cases Selection, as one of the QBPC’s star projects, had won the recognition of relevant ministries and the support of provincial and municipal judicial and law enforcement authorities. It also enjoyed a high reputation in the international IPR community. This year, after reforming the selection guideline, administrative cases were selected as an independent category, making the candidate cases more diverse. A total of 74 cases were nominated this year, making it the most competitive in the history of the activity. The case of "Yiwu Muran Importing & Exporting Co., Ltd. Infringing Victoria's Secret Trademarks Case" nominated by Victoria’s Secret & Co. and the case of "Combined efforts of administrative and criminal raid against a "KIWI" trademark infringement gang in Anhui Province" nominated by S.C. Johnson & Sons,  both handled by Ningbo Customs, were selected as the QBPC 2021-2022 Annual Top Ten Cases in the Criminal and Administrative categories respectively. The two cases not only highlighted the efforts of Ningbo Customs to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and enterprises in accordance with the law, but also demonstrated the determination and efforts of China Customs in IPR protection to overseas headquarters of QBPC members and international markets through the publicity of the QBPC and the right holders.


Finally, the delegation of QBPC presented Top Ten Cases Appreciation Plaque to the Ningbo Customs and looked forward to more exchanges and closer cooperation between the two sides in the future.