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Luxury Goods IWG Meeting in Xiamen Held Successfully

Create Time:2022-09-16

On the afternoon of September 7, Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC) Luxury Goods IWG held an IWG Meeting in Xiamen, which was also accessible online. Kyle Zhu of MCM company presided over the meeting, the representatives of Richemont made an online presentation, and 19 representatives from 14 member companies attended the event.


Richemont representatives Niklas Fu and Jessica Yu introduced the infringement status of a social e-commerce platform and some countermeasures taken by the company. At present, there were a large number of stores on the platform openly selling fake goods. In order to avoid the attention and complaints from the brand owners, the platform blocked the original brand names. The infringing stores not only bluntly indicated the sale of counterfeits and listed the brand logo wall, but also created amazing sales data to attract consumers by fabricating orders. Richemont had adopted multiple measures, such as online complaints, lawsuits and offline crackdowns. However the company had encountered some obstacles and problems. Niklas and Jessica discussed the issues with other participants.


In the end, Kyle Zhu thanked everyone for their enthusiastic participation and looked forward to seeing them in the next meeting.