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Internet Brand Protection Class with Kuaishou IP Protection Introduction

Create Time:2022-11-11


On November 8, Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC) Internet Committee (IC) organized an Internet Brand Protection Class with Kuaishou IP Protection Introduction. The meeting was chaired by Esther Dong, IC Vice Chair. Liang Di from Kuaishou Network Security and Control Center and Legal Dept, Yang Yijie from Quality Control teamintroduced Kuaishou IP Governance and Complaint system. More than 120 representatives from 85 member companies attended the meeting.


At the beginning of the meeting, Esther Dong first thanked everyone for their support. She said that Live e-commerce as a new business format, with its rapid rise and popularity in the public, brought about problems related to IP protection. The meeting would focuse on IP protection on the Kuaishou platform, and she hoped everyone could find it informative.


In her opening remarks, Liang Di thanked QBPC for the invitation and the enthusiastic participation of the QBPC member companies. She said that Kuaishou was a leading content community and social platform whose mission was to become a company most obsessed with creating value for customers in the world. Kuaishou had always attached great importance to IP protection, and had relentlessly built the trust mechanism of Kuaishou e-commerce and the good ecology of the platform.


Yang Yijie next introduced in detail the status quo of Kuaishou IP protection from three major perspectives, namely proactive risk prevention and control system, IP protection system and complaint handling mechanism of IP protection platform. Kuaishou proactive risk prevention and control system had covered the whole track of IP protection including before, during and after the event, as well as the whole scenario of “people”, “goods” and “site” of commodity trading on e-commerce platform. With the launch of the Kuaishou IP protection platform, after the right holders or brand owners log in, they could make quick complaints through five steps including account registration, identity authentication, right authentication, initiation of complaints, and platform handling and feedback. She said that while continuously strengthening IP protection efforts on the platform, Kuaishou had also carried out in-depth cooperation with brand owners and continued cooperation in IP protection co-construction and ecological co-governance. So far remarkable achievements had been made in the construction of brand authorization and qualification database, brand price system, online cooperation and offline cooperation. In addition, she also showcased the typical cases and achievements of IP governance of Kuaishou in cooperation with brand owners.


During the Q&A, the speakers and audience discussed the current problems and experience that they had encountered in Kuaishou platform, including the difficulties in the examination and approval of intellectual property accounts on the registration platform, the proactive risk prevention and control mechanism of short videos in live rooms, complaints related to similar trademarks, etc. The two sides also reached a preliminary consensus on further deepening cooperation on specific issues.


In the end, Esther Dong thanked everyone again for their enthusiastic participation and looked forward to the next event.