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Agricultural IWG Meet in November

Create Time:2022-11-17

On November 11th, the Agricultural IWG of Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC) held an internal meeting in Shanghai. The meeting was hosted by Sam Fan (FMC), Coordinator of the IWG, and attended by representatives from BASF, Corteva, FMC and Syngenta.



The meeting started with discussion on the topics of upcoming exchange meeting with Shanghai Food, Drug and Environment Crime Investigation Department of the Public Security Bureau (Shanghai FDECID) on Nov.17, including company introduction, agricultural industry IPR trends and how brand owners could cooperate better with law enforcement agencies. Members also shared their previous experience in working with Shanghai FDECID and summed up major issues, getting well prepared for the meeting.


In the following session, members discussed related issues around illegal export of pesticides, such as the export of counterfeit pesticides without labels, false export declaration in the name of non-agricultural chemicals, and illegal pesticide smuggling. They also put together some suggestions accordingly - strengthening the supervision of pesticide export declaration, conducting spot-check based on the leads provided by obligees and implementing the blacklist system, for further communication with the Customs.


The participants then reviewed the issues and opinions that the IWG collected earlier on the protection of IP rights on e-commerce platforms, covering specific online infringements (such as store and product trademark infringement), challenges encountered (no feedback on complaints, repeated infringement, and difficulties in fighting against patent infringement), as well as solutions and suggestions. Finally, Sam Fan summarized the discussion and briefed on the planned IWG activities for the rest of the year.