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Exchange Meeting on the Protection of Agricultural Intellectual Property

Create Time:2022-11-30

On the morning of November 23, Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment Agricultural IWG and the Food, Drug and Environment Crime Investigation Department (FDECID) of Shanghai Public Security Bureau held an exchange meeting on the protection of Agricultural IPR, which was held simultaneously online and offline. Relevant leaders of the FDECID Food Crime Investigation Brigade and representatives of the Agricultural IWG members including Syngenta, FMC, Bayer, Corteva, BASF, and CSI attended the event.

In the meeting, relevant leader of the Brigade pointed out that the government attached great importance to the anti-counterfeiting work of agricultural materials. Shanghai had abundant right holders and he hoped to have in-depth communication with the right holders on the clues of counterfeiting agricultural materials and cooperation in the fight against counterfeiting so as to help the right holders better safeguard their rights and achieve closer cooperation in the future anti-counterfeiting special operations.

After that, the attendees online and offline next introduced the basic situation of their respective companies' brands in turn, shared the clues of counterfeit infringement, and had extensive and in-depth exchanges on the common challenges and problems faced by the industry, including adding hidden ingredients of unregistered pesticides, the sale of counterfeits on Internet e-commerce platforms, illegal sale of expired pesticides, inconsistency between the advertisement and actual components of products, the forgery of anti-counterfeiting codes, the illegal production and sale of fake seeds and sale of pesticides without registration certificate, legal determination of illegal business crime and other hot issues in the industry. The IWG members reached consensus with the officers on enhancing clues sharing, collaboration on individual cases, exchanging experience and seeking solutions to obstacles and challenges in the field. Based on existing clues, both sides would make joint efforts in tracking down the suspects.


In the end, IWG coordinator Sam Fan, on behalf of the Agricultural IWG, thanked the members and relevant officers for attending the meeting, and looked forward to further strengthening cooperation between the two sides to effectively crack down on counterfeit infringement of agricultural materials, which would contribute to the maintenance of China's agricultural development and food safety.