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IWG All-hands Meeting held successfully

Create Time:2023-01-05

On January 3, Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC) IWGs held the first IWG All-hands meeting in 2023. QBPC Vice Chair (Lead & Drive IWGs) Yang TAO (from Microsoft), moderated the event. Coordinators from 10 IWG attended this event and shared 2023 work plans of IWGs.


Yang TAO first talked about his role, priorities of IWG work, qualities of an IWG coordinator and planning. As a Vice Chair in charge of leading and driving IWGs, he said that he was a QBPC IWGs’ ambassador to QBPC and an IP protection stakeholder. From an industry perspective, he would be a trusted advisor to QBPC IWGs internally while externally providing law enforcement and government agencies with suggestions, innovative tools, resources and solutions on behalf of QBPC in order to tackle complex legal and policy challenges. He proposed two priorities including streamlining the work process for IWG members and identify more opportunities for cross-IWG activities. He thought that an IWG coordinator should have ownership, leadership, professionalism, advocacy enthusiasm and empathy while respecting the cultural diversity of the IWG.


After that, the IWG coordinators shared 2023 work plans in different industry areas. A few coordinators said that the establishment of the Internet Committee had established a bridge for the QBPC members and IWGs to communicate with various Internet platforms. With the continuous development of the e-commerce platforms, IWGs looked forward to in-depth exchanges with the platforms to discuss IP protection. Although the infringement problems faced by different industries were different, the QBPC made it possible for member companies to study relevant issues in depth with Committees or IWGs. The coordinators agreed that they would lead the IWG members to carefully study the latest laws and regulations, strengthen ties with law enforcement agencies, and further explore and achieve better intellectual property protection both in theory and practice.


At the end of meeting, Yang TAO thanked all IWG coordinators for their enthusiastic participation and positive sharing. He vowed to do his best to help coordinators accomplish their work plans and hoped that all IWGs and members could reap substantial rewards on the platform of QBPC.