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Challenges of Generative Artificial Intelligence to Copyright System

Create Time:2024-07-01

On June 27, the Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC) Legal Committee held an online seminar on the challenges of generative artificial intelligence to copyright system with lawyer QIAN Qixin as the guest speaker. The seminar was hosted by Legal Committee Chair Michael Yu, and more than 90 QBPC members attended.

In his opening speech, Michael emphasized that AI technology has brought new challenges to legal work as well as great opportunities for enterprises to innovate and enhance efficiency. Meanwhile, it had gradually drawn attention and responses in domestic and international judicial practice, which could be illustrated by relevant precedents in Beijing Internet Court and Guangzhou Internet Court. He expected that the seminar would encourage more in-depth thinking and discussion on AI-related IP issues among QBPC members.

QIAN Qixin elaborated on the topic from four perspectives: 1) application scenarios of generative AI; 2) the first domestic case of "copyrightability" and "responsibility determination" of “text-to-image”; 3) overview of the progress of similar cases at home and abroad; 4) compliant use of AI tools. She focused on two domestic cases involving AIGC as well as related overseas cases, especially analyzing and discussing whether AIGC is copyrightable and its legal liability. In addition, she gave relevant advice regarding AI tools compliance and the copyright compliance review of AIGC.

In Q&A session, QIAN Qixin answered the questions raised by the participants, such as different views of China and other countries on whether AIGC was copyrightable, how to keep evidence of copyright ownership of AIGC, how to identify the authenticity of copyright ownership certificates, and so on.