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QBPC Delegation Visit China Customs

Create Time:2020-03-09

On the morning of January 14, 2020, the chairman of the Quality Brand Protection Committee China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment ( referred to as QBPC) Ding Yu and Vice Chairman Wang Zhiping and QBPC Customs Committee members conducted the 2020 first visit to the General Administration of Customs, P. R. China. Director Huang Jianhua, Director Sun Xiaolu, from Department of Genera Operation of General Administration of Customs, and Ms. Wang Yanan, staff of General Administration of Customs, met with Ding Yu, Wang Zhiping, and Chairman of the Customs Committee Ji Ying, Vice chairman Chen Dongrong, Lin Jiewen, Yang Lu, You Xiaogang in the office of Department of General Operation. They had an in-depth exchange on the review of the work on intellectual property protection in 2019 and the cooperation plan between the two parties in 2020.

At the beginning of the meeting, representatives of QBPC introduced that in 2019, the two parties have strengthened exchanges and cooperation in combating infringement and counterfeiting and protecting intellectual property rights, and achieved significant results. It is hoped that in 2020, further cooperation and exchanges can be strengthened from the following aspects: forming a two-way exchange and information sharing mode between the customs and QBPC, and exploring more forms of activities, such as holding exchange meetings between Administrative law enforcement and criminal justice services, holding exchange meetings between national right holders and customs, two-way training sessions, especially to value the training of customs to right holders, for instance: to further unify and optimize local customs procedures, to broaden and unblock communication channels between right holders and the customs; to establish an internal customs encouragement mechanism to increase the enthusiasm of case-handling personnel; to properly advance the timing of the right holder's intervention in the mail channel to assist the customs in inspection; to unify the storage period and shorten the case handling period; to upgrade customs servers to make the customs system more stable; to comprehensively cooperate to improve the intensity and effectiveness of the fight against infringement and counterfeiting and the protection of intellectual property rights.

Subsequently, Director Huang introduced the efforts and achievements made by customs in intellectual property protection in 2019. He said that in 2020, customs will continue to focus on postal investigations, hoping to continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with QBPC, further improve the information sharing mechanism of both parties, and increase the protection of intellectual property by customs. Director Huang also responded to the questions raised by the representatives of QBPC. He said: Regarding the issues of common concern to rights holders, he is willing to engage in active , two-way communication with rights holders through various forms of activities, and will continue to promote international exchanges and cooperation. The encouragement mechanism for customs personnel would be further explored and tried.

The meeting achieved considerable results. The General Administration of Customs and QBPC reached a broad consensus on how to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the new year, and clarified the focus of the two sides in strengthening exchanges and cooperation. It is believed that through the unremitting efforts of both parties, the customs’ effort on protection of intellectual property rights will make more and greater achievements.