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Exchange Meeting between QBPC and Nanjing Customs

Create Time:2023-03-09

On the morning of March 3, QBPC Customs Committee held the first exchange meeting with Nanjing Customs in 2023. Leaders from General Operation Division and IP-related officers of Nanjing Customs had in-depth exchanges with QBPC Customs Committee Vice Chair Wendy Lin and Christine Chen on issues such as continuously improving intellectual property protection and combating import and export infringement and counterfeiting.


During the meeting, the two sides had a lively discussion and exchange on the new trends of import and export infringement and counterfeiting as well as sharing case information, etc. In 2023, Nanjing Customs would continue to make IPR protection a priority and strengthen cooperation with QBPC to increase the protection of IPR. Nanjing Customs was willing to conduct active and two-way communication with right holders on their common concerns through various forms of activities. The customs officials also pointed out that fighting against import and export infringement and counterfeiting required full cooperation between right holders and the Customs. The right holders had to timely provide the Customs with accurate information or feedback in order to ensure the progress of relevant work.


As a conclusion, Nanjing Customs and QBPC reached consensus on related work. QBPC would make relentless efforts to strengthen the communication between member companies and Nanjing Customs.