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Head of Jiangxi FDECID Visits QBPC

Create Time:2023-05-10

On May 6, Michael Ding, Chair of the Quality Brands Protection Committee of the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (QBPC), Tao Yang & and Ji Ying, Vice Chair of QBPC, Zhang Hongkai (online access), Vice Chair of Best Practices/Enforcement Committee (BPEC) hosted the delegation led by Zhang Bin, Deputy Director General of the Forest Public Security Bureau and Director of the Second Branch (FDECID) directly under Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department, at the QBPC Office.

Michael Ding provided a detailed overview of QBPC’s history, organizational structure, membership composition, priorities, and key projects. The two sides also exchanged views on typical case sharing, strategic cooperation mechanism established with local law enforcement agencies and practices of cooperation, international exchanges, second-hand refurbishment of industrial products, smuggling of counterfeit and backflow drugs, etc.

Zhang Bin expressed his expectation of establishing a permanent IPR protection collaboration mechanism with the QBPC, strengthening cooperation in intelligence study, sharing case clues, analysis of industry dynamics, sharing of international latest progresses, and holding exchange and training activities, which could further improve the quality of case investigation and help the brigade to learn new trends of IPR infringement crimes. Michael Ding responded that he was looking forward to the future cooperation between the two sides.